Why Ameli?

Two key differentiators set Ameli apart from your ‘standard’ consultants:

  • Content can be created from SCRATCH – Traditional consultants have to wait for your subject matter experts (SMEs) to send material – stopping all efforts and wasting time. Then, once they get the material, rework is often minimal since they are not knowledgeable of your specific services and solutions to overhaul the writing to SELL. At Ameli, all of our content is created from the ground up, leveraging our extensive knowledge, experience, and comfort level in writing very technical content in a persuasive manner. Extensive research is also performed in analyzing your website, existing marketing materials, and prior RFP content to become a ‘virtual employee’ – enabling the writing to be very tailored over a traditional consultant. Once done, your SMEs will only have to REVIEW the content created – saving time and lowering your consulting costs all while producing content that will result in new business!

  • Passion – Many consultants do an ‘average job’ since they have no real commitment to the company they are working for. After all, they are not a full-time employee. Ameli takes the opposite approach – giving 100% of ourselves to every project. We don’t want to just ‘check a box’ that the work was done -our goal is to AMELIORATE and TRANSFORM the QUALITY LEVEL of your proposals, marketing materials, and business development activities to create efficiency, elevate your output, and ultimately WIN your company more business.
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