Request for Proposal (RFP)

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is often released after a Request for Information (RFI) has been released and responses reviewed. The RFI process helps to finalize the Scope of Work (SOW) of what the buyer (government agency or commercial entity) needs and desires in the services or products sought. Once the requirements have been finalized, the RFP is often released as the next and final step to procure and award the services/products needed.

Unlike an RFI, the RFP released is up for award to the best, most responsive bidder determined. Many times, pricing is a significant factor as part of the evaluation criteria. Other times, the buyer may allocate more evaluation score points to the respondent company’s experience, staff expertise, availability, differentiators from the competition, quality of the product(s) or services performed, current and past client references, and other factors. Therefore, in procurements, being the lowest priced bidder does not always equal a win. The seller (company responding to the RFP) must be the overall best choice across all factors being considered – from experience, quality of work/materials, and more.

Tailored Proposals for Winning RFPs

To win, the Technical Proposal response must be fully tailored to what the buyer (government agency or commercial entity) needs – drawing a parallel between what the seller offers to what the buyer explicitly wants. At Ameli, we assist our clients across a wide range of industries to respond to these procurements (RFIs and RFPs) as released. From the initial review of the procurement, including all response requirements and associated deadlines, to templating, writing, editing, checking for compliance, and publishing the final response.

The result is a fully tailored proposal that is aesthetically pleasing and inviting to review and evaluate, with graphics to help tell the story in a visual manner. In addition, the writing itself is fully tailored to what the government agency or commercial entity needs and why – aligning the selling company’s product/service features to the benefits it will bring to the buyer along with proofs to demonstrate experience. This helps the procurement evaluators understand not only the selling company’s capabilities but enables them to see that the seller fully understands why the government agency or commercial entity released the procurement in the first place, its importance, and how they can best meet those needs.

Maximizing Success: Complete RFP Management and Support at Ameli

To further ensure a winning response, at Ameli, we can also manage the end-to-end response effort. This includes coordinating across Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), developing storyboards and win themes, creating and managing the RFP/RFI response schedule, facilitating meetings and final reviews with leadership, ensuring 100% compliance against the requirements, and more – all the way to printing and shipping the RFP/RFI response to ensure an on-time delivery along with post-RFP support, including assistance with oral demonstrations and finalist meeting presentations.

Overall, at Ameli, we are experts in building powerful, tailored responses and providing the added support needed to WIN.

So, what are you waiting for?  Contact us at Ameli today!

We can help you respond to RFPs and other types of procurements as released + enhance and ameliorate your proposal responses to a new, tailored level! Let our experts do the work for you as we stay focused on our mission to Winning You More Business!

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