Ameli Consulting provides full service Marketing support to meet your needs. Whether you need sales collateral built for an upcoming trade show or complete campaign support, Ameli is here to help.

Our Marketing Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Sales collateral, including handouts, brochures, whitepapers, and ads
  • Sales presentations, including full PowerPoint production and demo support
  • Webinar and event support, including moderator services
  • Graphic design, including creating diagrams, process flows, technical architecture depictions, org charts, and more
  • Re-branding support, including logos, color palettes, and themes
  • Campaign support, including publicity and success tracking
  • Content development, including creating marketing material from scratch
  • Website redesign, building, maintenance, and content reviews
  • CRM solution analysis and lead management
  • Lead generation, tracking, and market research
  • Trade shows and events support
  • Communication, data storage, and content solutions
  • Templates generation for sales collateral, whitepapers, standard proposals/quotes, and more
  • Team building, training, and mentoring, including management consulting
  • Organization/processes/workflows analysis, setup, and improvement
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