Business Development / Sales Support

Ameli Consulting provides full service Business Development/Sales support to meet your needs. Whether you need lead intelligence and opportunity tracking support or complete team building “from the ground up,” Ameli is here to support you.

Our Sales Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Lead generation and tracking
  • Opportunity and market research, including state-by-state analysis
  • Business intelligence, network connections, and decision-maker introductions
  • Templates for standard business proposals, quick quotes, and pricing proposals
  • Demo stage prep, guidance, support, and training
  • Trade shows and events support
  • CRM solution analysis, set up, evaluation, and administration support
  • Team building, structure analysis, and setup support
  • Sales training and mentoring, including management consulting
  • Communication, data storage, and content solutions
  • Organization/processes/workflows analysis, setup, and maintenance
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