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Our mission is simple: Winning You More Business

Ameli Consulting, LLC is a full-service proposal consulting firm specializing in proposals as well as marketing and business development. At Ameli, we have one goal – Winning You More Business. Our dedication and service to our clients surpass our competitors in both capabilities and passion. 

As a proposal consulting firm, we fully cover any proposal (RFP/RFI) needs you may have. Our experts specialize in State, Federal, and Commercial procurements, marketing, and business development support across a wide range of industries. Where other proposal writing companies may focus on one level of RFP/RFI assistance, we offer end-to-end proposal writing and response expertise to meet any RFP or RFI response needs you may have – from fully outsourced RFP and RFI proposal support to proposal writing, editing, and/or management only.

In addition to RFP/RFI proposal assistance, we also offer support towards any marketingbusiness development, and/or resume consulting needs you may have. Our wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise allow Ameli to help with all your company’s needs with proven results – Winning You More Business


Procurements come in a wide variety of names, including Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Offer (RFO), Invitation to Bid (ITB), Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), and many more. Every procurement/purchasing agency has their own naming conventions and therefore, the names used can vary.

All procurements however generally have one goal – to solicit, procure, and award a contract for a good, product, and/or service needed. Procurements also tend to ensure an open, competitive environment which allows the agency or commercial entity releasing the procurement to (1) ensure open competition while (2) ensuring they receive bids where they can select the best company, product, and/or service at the most competitive price.

Ameli has an established, proprietary procurement response process which has continually resulted in our clients making it to the finalist table. Our win rate also continues to be one of the highest in our industry at 40%.

We also have an established MASTER EMAIL Communication Strategy which has been proven to get Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) more involved in the procurement response process – a common issue in responding to RFP/RFIs. Contact Ameli today for an overview of our overall strategy and process to ensure a WIN for your company. We can also align to your company’s established proposal processes and standards as needed to best assimilate as part of your overall proposal team.

Every RFP/RFI will come with unique, client-driven deadlines that must be adhered to. Sometimes clients only provide a week or less to respond, while much larger RFPs may come with months to respond. Either way, we will ensure our team is ready and able to work with you to meet the procurement’s deadlines on time.

The actual RFP/RFI requirements as set forth in the procurement are often created after long consulting hours are spent working with the particular agency to identify the Scope of Work (SOW) and all corresponding requirements. Ameli can help agencies directly in writing up the actual procurement to be released as well as companies in responding to procurements.

Of course, we can never help both sides (agency and respondent) on the same procurement and always take careful measures to avoid any conflict of interest. On the response side, we work with a given company to effectively tailor powerful, narrative responses to each requirement to place the company in the best position possible to win.

A well-balanced RFP, RFI, or other procurement (e.g., RFQ, ITB, or other) should include carefully assembled information and instructions to minimize the number and level of questions bidders may ask during the Q&A period. Ameli can help in proofing the procurement before release to ensure thoroughness and consistency in both the requirements and instructions. This will result in minimal questions being asked from the bidders and ensure an efficient process with responses received that can be seamlessly evaluated. We also support companies on the respondent side to ensure you have 100% addressed all requirements, are fully compliant, and have created a powerful, tailored WINNING response.

For agencies looking to release a procurement, receiving RFP/RFI responses from companies that offer those services or goods can enable your agency to fully understand the market, including the latest technology and services available, and typical costs in order to make the most informed decision. For companies responding to RFP/RFIs and other procurements, this is another way for you to Win More Business apart from direct sales. 

A Request for Proposal (RFP) and a Request for Quote (RFQ) are two of the many various names which procurement/purchasing agencies may use to organize and title their procurements. Commonly, an RFQ response is much smaller in size, with particular emphasis on the price of the commodity/service being purchased as the principal factor. An RFP, however, will often be as concerned with the technical capabilities of the company, service, and/or product in conjunction with the price as overall factors for the award decision.

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